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Solid Brass Serving Trays from Excellent Accents add that special touch of elegance to any occasion.  Each brass serving tray is solid brass with a hand-buffed antique finish.  Each serving tray is lacquered to resist tarnishing and features a beautiful decorative rim to add stability and lessen the possibility of accidental spills.  Our new leather covered serving tray compliments the finest home and office environments.   

These solid brass serving trays provide a beautiful decorative accent for dining tabletops or sideboards.  These serving trays are ideal for holding small food dishes or condiments, napkins, or similar tableware.  Do not use serving trays for heavy loads or for transporting vessels containing hot liquids which could accidentally be dropped or tipped.  

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Brass Tray Guest Towel LU176
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Brass Tray Guest Towel LU176

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