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Umbrella Stands for indoor use 60 styles. Each umbrella stand in solid brass, solid copper, iron, leather, or ceramic is designed as a functional and beautiful accent to your entryway, home, or office. Our indoor umbrella stands in Solid Brass or Copper are lacquered for tarnish resistance and lasting beauty. Our versatile Iron and Ceramic Umbrella Stands beautify any environment. Imagine how complete your d├ęcor would be when complemented by a decorative stand. As a specialist in umbrella holders, most of the indoor umbrella stands shown are made especially for Excellent Accents and are not available from retail "big box" stores. 

Ask for the real thing! See our great selection of antique reproduction umbrella holders. As meticulously crafted reproductions in solid copper, solid brass and iron, our selection continues to grow with more beautiful styles arriving in 2020!

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copper umbrella stand antique
Umbrella Stand Solid Copper Embossed 19.5"H x 7.5" diameter
Your Price: $129.95
Umbrella Stand Solid Copper Embossed 19.5"H x 7.5" diameter
Umbrella stand and cane stand solid copper embossed. Height 19.5" Diameter 7.5" (measured across top). Diameter measured across top from corner to corner is 9." Antique finish is lacquered for tarnish resistance and lasting beauty.
Copper Umbrella Stand
Umbrella Stand Solid Copper Hammered 19"H x 8.5"W
Your Price: $129.95
Umbrella Stand Solid Copper Hammered  19"H x 8.5"W
Umbrella stand solid copper hammered. 19"H x 8.5"W. Antique finish is lacquered to resist tarnishing. Diameter of base 10.75." Rugged construction with expanded base for extra stability. Excellent for cane storage too!
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OUR BEAUTY is more than skin deep. Why solid brass?  Brass is mainly an alloy metal that consists of copper with various amounts of zinc or tin added.  Brass is typically used for decorative purposes where a dramatic appearance and high resistance to corrosion is desired.  You'll find solid brass used in high moisture applications such as ship's bells, musical instruments, water valves, and high quality umbrella stands!  Why solid copper? Copper has been used for centuries since the Greeks and Romans hand-fashioned it into bowls, tools, and jewelry.  Solid copper is highly malleable which means it can be pressed permanently into shape without breaking or cracking. This allows our craftsmen to gently hammer or press the copper into strong and beautiful shapes with great detail. Like solid brass, solid copper can also be polished into a highly reflective or muted finish to compliment any decor.  Solid copper is also highly corrosion-resistant and is used in plumbing applications, garden decor, outdoor copper planters, and copper roofing.  In addition to brass, copper, and ceramic umbrella holders, Excellent Accents offers ceramic and solid metal planters.  See our new selection of brass and copper planters arriving 2018.  Just like our solid brass and solid copper stands, our solid brass planters and copper planters are lacquered for tarnish resistance and lasting beauty!

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